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The firm was involved in a number of transactions, including the following: contracts for supply of energy resources, providing loans to energy producers, restructuring of domestic companies operating on the Ukrainian energy market, due diligence of such companies, and their representation in court disputes.

Our clients in this sector include Cadogan Petroleum Plc., Poltava Petroleum Company, Access Industries Inc., A.E.S., TNK-BP, etc. Our law firm represented numerous companies in dealings with the National JSC “Naftogaz Ukraine” and National JSC “Nadra Ukrainy” on the matters of licensing, product sharing agreements, joint investment activities, joint ventures and loan transactions.

Our firm acted as a legal counsel to TNK-BP, Russian-British oil and gas company, in connection with acquisition by it of the network of fuel stations in the territory of Ukraine and assisted in obtainment of permits and licenses required for the said acquisition.

Our lawyers represented the interests of Kashtan-Petroleum Ltd., Ukrainian-Canadian joint venture, and Canadian corporation Zhoda 2001, in their relationships with legal entities and governmental authorities of Ukraine with respect to the companies’ activity related to production of oil and gas in the territory of Ukraine.

We acted as the legal advisors to the company Momentum with respect to issues connected with the joint activity in Ukraine and consulted the company concerning export of gas. Our attorneys provided negotiations on behalf of Momentum with its Ukrainian partner in relation to the joint project.

Our firm represented Krym Texas Nafta Ltd. in the litigation proceedings in Ukraine as well as has undertaken negotiations with the state authorities.

We provided the legal assistance to the company Rentoul Limited with respect to the sale and purchase transactions of two Ukrainian oil and gas companies in Poltava region.